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Dream of the River


Jacar Press, 2021



dancing girl press, 2022

"Natalie Eleanor Patterson is adept at using a gentle tone and language to deliver hard truths ('The God who loves me is not the God of this.').... The ease at which Patterson mixes the tenor of her sentiments shows a writer who is paving the way for the future of lyric writing, space for the poet to 'suspend identity' and 'level up.'"

- Metta Sáma, author of Swing at your own risk

"The Landscape Persists"

"Letter to E, Corvallis"

Pacifica Literary Review, May 2024

"I Keep Forgetting to Mention I Was in Love"

Ghost City Review, Feb. 2024

"Sad Fantastic"

"Love Poem in Which I Do Not Confess"

South Florida Poetry Journal, Issue 32, Feb. 2024


Rogue Agent, Issue 104, Fall 2023

"Dahmer in Eastern Oregon"

Black Fox Literary Magazine, Issue 25, Fall 2023

"Duck Hunt 1984"

CALYX, Vol. 34:1, Fall 2023


The Dawn Review, Issue 3, August 2023

"Dear _____, [You are the bloodstain]"

One Art, July 2023

"A Tithe to Move My Blood"

The Penn Review, Issue 72, Spring 2023

"Payette Lake"

One Art, December 2022

"Coming of Age"

Rogue Agent, Issue 88, Summer 2022


The Penn Review, Issue 71, Spring 2022

The Lumiere Review, Issue 02

“Black Dog” 

Club Plum Literary Journal, Vol. 1, #3


Hunger Mountain #24, Spring 2020

“Love Poem Sans Passion”

“Penelope’s Vision”

Sinister Wisdom, Issue 116, Winter 2020

Natalie also has work featured in Yes Poetry, perhappened mag, CircleShow, Collision, Neologism, and Incunabula.

Essays & Reviews

 Croning 6: Choosing Love

Sinister Wisdom (insert), 2022

Review: My Favorite Girlfriend Was a French Bulldog 

Sinister Wisdom 119

“Second Look: ‘Daddy’ by Sylvia Plath” 

One Magazine, Issue 19, September 2019

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